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Aging in Place: What is it?

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“This has been my home for 40 years and I love it here, but I just can’t keep up the care like I used to.” “I want to go out today, but I don’t think I can get myself ready …

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What is the Difference Between Independent and Assisted Living?

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Both independent living and assisted living provide an opportunity for seniors. They can live with people who have similar interests and are looking to be part of a social community. They also live in their own apartments and enjoy all …

Can We Delay The Effects of Dementia?

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If you were in the crowd for Dr. Linda Sasser’s recent talk, you undoubtedly thought to yourself “how did she possibly remember all our names?!” As we learned, it wasn’t merely a parlor trick. It was an impressive example of …

Living Alone with Alzheimer’s: A Solution Summit

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This day-long event seeks to answer the question about how people are living alone with cognitive impairment and will convene colleagues from the field that have developed solutions for supporting them. We will feature conversations with persons who are navigating …

Planning Ahead for Your Care: 3 Easy Steps

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It is easy to put off discussing decisions that affect our care as we age.  Yet we know that our values and beliefs matter and they should be an intentional part of our plan. King’sBridge understands how important your choices …

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Healthy Brain, Healthy Memory – Join Us!

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As we care for those aging around us or consider the time of life that is upon us, the prospect of memory loss can be mysterious, uncertain, and even frightening. King’sBridge is honored to welcome Linda Sasser, Ph.D. in an …


Join Us For “Navigating the Healthcare System”

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We’ve all been there: faced with medical decisions that could affect our future, and unsure who to turn to with our questions. King’sBridge is proud to host Weyman Perry for a night focusing  on getting the answers you need when …

Spooky Fun at King’sBridge Annual Halloween Party

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About 40 residents and guests attended the annual King’sBridge Halloween Party.  While witches and goblins enjoyed refreshments, tricks, and treats, residents also competed in the annual costume competition. First prize went to Alice Boyd, who was disguised as a very …

Elder Abuse and Exploitation Seminar

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Presenter:  Jeanne Canavan, Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney for Dekalb County’s Office of Elder Abuse and Exploitation Unit Vulnerable adults can face issues such as depression, Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, placing them at risk for fraud and …

Hosting Cameroon Elder Care Awareness Dinner

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King’sBridge Retirement Community is pleased to host a dinner for friends and supporters of Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance. Focusing on the central-African country of Cameroon, CDVTA’s mission to inspire and enable communities to value and care for its …