Can We Delay The Effects of Dementia?

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If you were in the crowd for Dr. Linda Sasser's recent talk, you undoubtedly thought to yourself "how did she possibly remember all our names?!"

As we learned, it wasn't merely a parlor trick. It was an impressive example of how we all can minimize or delay the effects of dementia and memory loss. In a fun and interactive presentation, Dr. Sasser helped us learn how to increase and sharpen our memory through lifestyle, knowledge, and engaging exercises.

Brain Care - Holding the Line Against Dementia

As we care for those aging around us or consider the time of life that is upon us, the prospect of memory loss can be mysterious, uncertain, and even frightening. But according to Dr. Sasser, there are things we can do! Five of the most helpful ways we can improve our brain health can be remembered by her helpful acronym SENSE.


Your hippocampus (our main memory center) can grow over time?

Keeping your mind sharp makes it more resilient against the effects of aging because of cognitive reserve - we need to develop this reserve through enriching our brain.

According to the NIH, we don't yet have conclusive results. But several recent studies show "encouraging but inconclusive evidence" for three types of interventions: cognitive training, blood pressure management, and increased physical activity

Brain SENSE Lifestyle Practices - Ways We Can Enrich Our Brains

Social engagement is associated with better cognitive health and decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. (Ristau, 2011)

King'sBridge Tip:
We have an array of socialization opportunities, including scavenger hunts, movie nights, religious services, musical performances, Happy Hours, and groups devoted to various hobbies; but you don’t have to be a socialite to be social.  A quiet conversation with a friend works just as well.

Increases blood flow to the brain, and strengthens the connections between brain cells

King'sBridge Tip:
Join us for one of our exercise offerings! Strengthen your balance, do Chair Yoga, Tai Chi, or join Stacy for exercise. We have a variety of options to strengthen and grow your brain cells.

Our brains use 20% of the calories you consume - feed your brain well!

King'sBridge Tip:
Water, water, water. Not thirsty? Eat a few nuts... then you will be!

King'sBridge Tip:
Consider the "Mediterranean" options on the King'sBridge dining menu.

Spirituality & Sleep
Meditation practices, prayer, and management of stress all help our brain

King'sBridge Tip:
To enhance your brain, join us for a religious service, schedule a massage with our therapist. Or join the Ageless Grace Fitness program designed for your mind and body.

Novel and complex mental stimulation

King'sBridge Tip:
Learn a language or musical instrument

King'sBridge Tip:
Use your other hand to brush your teeth

King'sBridge Tip:
Try to learn something new every day! King'sBridge offers a variety of classes!

Join us for lectures about topics designed with you in mind. Or sign up for one of the area attractions trips, such as the aquarium or Jimmy Carter Library and Museum. 


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King'sBridge Makes Plans to Launch Dementia Care Facility

Desiring to allow our residents to remain among their King'sBridge family as long as possible, we are pleased to announce a limited number of dementia care residences being added to King'sBridge in the Spring of 2020. If you would like to be kept informed, please subscribe to our King'sBridge Dementia Care Facility Updates Mailing list.
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